Bastrop Tank Wash, Inc.

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Our Services

Our Services

Our Tank Wash facility provide a wide range of services including interior tank trailer cleaning and dry box and reefer trailers. If time permits and driver can drop truck or trailer we will do exterior cleaning.


Tank Trailer Cleaning

• Cold / Hot Flush
• Detergent
• Caustic
• A variety of Pre-Solve washes
• Pump Cleaning
• Hose Cleaning
• Steam
• Pressure Test
• Dow Prep
• Sanitization

We also clean Polymers .. We are not afraid of Elephant snot!

We also have a variety of replacement gaskets available.

Dispatchers can call for service prices, but we will have to see trailer and chemical before we can make a more accurate cleaning cost and even then it will depend on condition of trailer and chemical.

Dry Bulk & Reefers: Cost varies but we use hand labor charge to determine end cost.